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Calor Gas - Large Category (£59.99)

Regrettably, we have no availability of new full Calor gas bottles online at this time. However refills are available from the yard as long as you bring your empty bottle for exchange.

When it comes to gas bottles at Langfords we really know our stuff. No matter if you’re looking to buy a gas bottle, or you’re a little bemused and need some assistance we’re here to help.

Gas bottle exchange

Let's get exchanging. At Langfords there are four gas bottle groups. You can exchange a gas bottle within the same group, without having to pay for an extra Cylinder Refill Agreement.*

*(When you purchased your gas bottle, you were handed the Cylinder Refill Agreement (a bit like a receipt) that determined your gas bottle category. You can exchange your gas bottle for any gas bottle within the same category. If you fancy a gas bottle that belongs to a different category, you’ll need to purchase a new Cylinder Refill Agreement.)

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